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This is our very first distro of Linux compiled from Kernel 5.2.1. It is available in .ISO format - so take it for a test drive in your favourite virtual machine before installing.

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Voodoo Linux has only a small number of contributors. If you have ideas to make it better, it can be done through our community forum.

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When we encounter something that you may be interested in, we will share it. Each tip will be ranked from Easy to Advanced based on user skill-level.

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Yet Another Linux Distro?

What makes Linux so great is that it is open-sourced, and can easily be customized, so it's no wonder that there are over one-thousand different flavors of Linux available.

As Code Designs® Inc. is primarily a graphics heavy company - naturally, we needed an OS that was not status-quo, secure, and could be used for business or everyday use. This led us to design our own flavor of Linux built from the ground up.

We offer Voodoo Linux - Tiki Edition to add to your repertoire of tools and hope that you find it useful, fast, and elegant. It is a work-in-progress - and new tools and updates are being made by the greater Linux community everyday. As these changes are made and new apps are developed, so too will Linux Voodoo.